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Old Greenwich Karate classes are held in a safe, well lit training hall, located in a building behind Action Art School on Sound Beach Ave. The floors are matted for student safety. The school has a comfortable bathroom and changing room.

Sensei Rick's Philosophy

 Rick has been teaching Karate to kids and adults since 1997. He has developed a distinctive approach for fast, efficient learning.
    * Students aren’t awarded promotions, they earn them!
    * As soon as students feel they have mastered a required subject, they are tested. If they pass, they immediately get rewarded with a new stripe or belt.
​The power of this approach is two-fold: A) The timing of the test is initiated by the student, not the Sensei, so much of the anxiety of testing is avoided. B) Students work hard continuously, instead of “cramming” for a deadline. Using this approach, students increase both their learning speed, and their retention! 

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Old Greenwich Karate

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Old Greenwich Karate

Old Greenwich Karate 242 Sound Beach Ave, Old Greenwich, Connecticut 06870, United States

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