Isshinryu Warming Up Exercises for yellow belt

Warming up exercises

Isshinryu 15 Basic Upper Body Exercises for yellow belt

 This video demonstrates the building blocks of Isshinryu Karate: The 15 Basic Upper-body exercises. 

Isshinryu Seisan Kata with EXPLANATION for orange belt

 This video demonstrates Isshinryu Seisan Kata, with an explanation of some of the more important moves.  This is the first kata of the Isshinryu system, which originated from Shorin-Ryu. 

Seiunchin Kata with EXPLANATION for blue belt

 This video demonstrates Isshinryu Seiunchin Kata with explanation.  After many years of practice, Master Shimabuku revised Seiunchin and incorporated it into Isshinryu

Nai-hanchi kata for green belt

Video coming soon

Wansu kata for purple belt

Wansu is famous for its "dump" of the attacker!

chinto kata for brown belt

 Chintō (鎮東) (In Shotokan, Gankaku (岩鶴)) is an advanced kata practiced in many styles of karate.  

sanchin kata for brown belt

 The name Sanchin, meaning "three battles/conflicts/wars" is usually interpreted as the battle to unify the mind, body, and spirit; however, there are other interpretations.

chinto slow-motion

Chinto slow motion with explaination

Sensei Rick in Action

Sensei Rick demonstrating parts of various empty-hand and weapons a kata.